This time of Thanksgiving reminds us all of the goodness of our God. It is a […]
It has been an exciting couple months here at Cornwall Christian Church. Mike has finished his […]
Hey Church, Over the course of the pandemic we have stopped printing bulletins and since there […]
Our annual general meeting is tomorrow evening, February 4th, at 7:00pm. We will be having this […]
God, through His people here at Cornwall has been good and has been with us constantly […]
Happy New Year!!! It is hard to believe that 2020 is behind us. With the new […]
It is now Christmas Eve, Eve and I can hardly believe it. This month has flown […]
We are now in our 4th week of advent, Christmas is right around the corner. All […]
This Sunday, we will be lighting the candle of Joy. What a week to focus on […]
December is upon us, only 22 days until Christmas! We are in our second week of […]