Don Jardine grew up on a family farm in Freetown, PEI and learned at an early age that all people are valuable in God’s eyes and Christian values are important to finding fulfillment in life.In his professional career he worked for over 30 years in the environmental field with the Province of Prince Edward Island. He currently is the Principal of DE Jardine Consulting of Winsloe South, environmental consultant and also works part time with the UPEI Climate Research Lab on climate related issues.He and his wife, Ann were charter members of Cornwall Christian Church when it began meeting at Cornwall in 1980. He later became an elder of the church and has served in this role for nearly 30 years.The eldership role is critical in the New Testament church as set out in the Bible. As a Shepherd of God’s flock an elder must be a good example, care for those in need, be a good listener, reach out to those who are seeking God’s calling, helping them to achieve what God wants in their life, and helping them avoid what is unacceptable to Him. This can be summarized in our Vision statement: Loving Christ, Serving Others, and Changing Our World.
One of our elders, Derek, is a Senior Manager with the Summerside accounting office of BDO Canada LLP. He has been engaged in public accounting for 28 years; 23 years as a partner in a local accounting firm and the last 5 years as a Senior Manager for BDO Canada LLP. Prior to that he was employed by Business Development Bank of Canada for eleven years where he gained experience in commercial lending, strategic planning, and business planning. Derek has contributed several years of service to the accounting profession at the provincial, regional and national level. In addition to that he currently serves as Elder and Chair of the Finance Committee at Cornwall Christian Church, and sits on a number of boards including Indian River Festival Association Inc., F.A.M.E. Canada Inc., Neptune Estates Inc., and Wilmot Valley Cemetery Inc. The style of eldership that I try to embrace is to deal with the whole person, mind, body and soul. You can’t effectively preach Christ to someone while ignoring their physical and mental needs. It is extremely important to visit and spend time with those who are suffering in any way. Nothing speaks louder than demonstrating Christ’s love to others. For only when people see Christ’s love in us will they be open to hearing about the source of that love.
Ian Morse, one of our elders, lives in Cornwall with his wife Susan, and three young children. He grew up in Chiang Mai, Thailand as a missionary kid and moved to Canada for university in 2000.
Ian works as a software developer at ScreenScape Networks by day, and a loving but exhausted father by night. He is a geek in disguise who loves documentaries, organizing things, and long distance running.