This time of Thanksgiving reminds us all of the goodness of our God. It is a time to give thanks to our God who holistically provides for our physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The operations of our church have been sustained through the financial blessings that you have received from God and, in turn, generously offered to His work here at Cornwall Christian Church. From Mike’s recent sermons we are all now motivated to share our resources with the oppressed and marginalized people within our church and within our community. Over the late spring and summer of 2021 our church has been drawing down on our cash reserves to pay our salaries and overhead expenses. In April of 2021 we had close to $16,000 in our current account. We arrived at that position through $13,000 in donations from two individuals As at October 4th the balance is at $3,100. In other words, over the past six months our financial support has been $13,000 short of meeting operating expenses. This translates into a $2,167 per month shortfall in
meeting our budget. I feel compelled to share this with you now so that we can each re-evaluate our blessings and
determine how we can contribute to the ongoing operating expenses and our mission to love and tangibly support the less fortunate of our community. It is apparent that our financial support has to increase by $2,167 per month or approximately $500 per week to meet our ongoing financial commitments.

Let us thank God for what He has done in sustaining us and pledge to do what we can to continue the great work that He is doing here at Cornwall Christian Church. And, thank you everyone for what you are able to give to this work!

Finance Chair



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