God, through His people here at Cornwall has been good and has been with us constantly through the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. For the past 10 months, despite the lack of a regular Sunday offering time, your online donations have been sufficient to meet the ongoing salaries and overhead expenses of the church. Right now we are experiencing a bit of a cash crunch that has resulted in a small overdraft in our bank account. Overdrafts lead to overdraft expenses which further take away from the cash we need to pay our ongoing expenses.

Approximately $3,000 is required to restore our cash on hand to where we have been for the past 10 months. This represents about $50 each for our current donors. If everyone is able to donate $50 in the month of January, over and above their regular donations (we recognize that not everyone can), we should be able to meet our financial obligations.

We are thanking God for sustaining us over the past 10 months through all of you who continue to support the work that He is doing here at Cornwall Christian Church. Thank you for everything you are able to give to this work!

For more information about how you can give, click here!



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